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Take a 'Critical Buyers' view of the Property you are Selling:

Without question, what you can see in your property with a negative view it is sure to be seen by those coming to view it. From a lack of cleanliness at home to peeling paint, broken / blown double glazing windows to missing tiles. You might be willing to take a less than critical viewpoint, but those coming to view will not only be looking at the positives in your property, they'll be after finding the negatives too.

Popular stand out negatives in property that people tend to over look:

Decoration: Paint work to wall paper.

Glazing: Windows that are old (wooden) or broken will be a major concern to buyers as replacement costs will be high. Blown windows are also a negative eye catcher for buyers.

Perimeter Walls / Fencing: Rotten wooden fences, collapsing walls or simply inadequate divides between your property and your neighbours is seen to be a big negative.

Plumbing / Electrics: Old sockets can tell a potential buyer that maybe complete re-wiring might be needed. Everyone hates plumbing and costs to hire professionals are high, old taps / leaking taps will be spotted by buyers!

Old / Dirty Carpets: It is highly likely most will replace carpets when purchasing a property, though particularly stained / dirty carpets will be a big put off to buyers.

Smells / Odours: From smokers to pets, if you can smell it then others will too. Sometimes we live in a house with smells and it is over to others to tell us there is an odour - Make sure you at least combat this with windows being open and home air fresheners / perfumed candles etc.

Outside Brickwork / Rendering: No one likes to purchase a property that needs immediate attention. Try and at least look to fill any rending that make have cracked or fallen away, re-joint bricks at least to eye level, a fresh coat of paint / varnish etc.

Missing Tiles: A missing tile stands out a mile and negatively grabs our attention and grows our concerns to the standard of the roofing overall.

A great way to spot faults is to ask a friend / family member to carry out a demo tour of your property and not to be afraid in raising with you potential put-offs / negatives.

Title image: Pixabay

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