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The Best Locations for Boat Lovers

If you are person that either owns a boat or someone who loves to be around them, then there are many desirable hotspots across the world that would be the dream location for your next home.

"Around 690 thousand households in the UK own a boat, of which roughly half are either a canoe or a kayak." source statista

There are of course many variations of a boat - Are we talking about a small two man canoe or are we looking at a 20ft luxury yacht? Real Estate requirements for different size and type of boats will of course vary from those needing only to be a short drive from the coast and a small trailer to those requiring a nearby mooring and or access to a private residence only harbour.

Luxury Real Estate within Harbour Locations

For this article let us take a look at those of us who require our very own harbour or easy access to one.

Title Image credit: Pixabay

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