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The Most Important Room in the House

It is hotly disputed that it's between the kitchen and the bathroom which takes home the title of the most important room in the home. Both these locations receive a fair amount of traffic daily and for many reasons sees us spending a fair amount of time within. Which though is the most important when it comes to selling your property?

For those of us that live in property that has both a kitchen and bathroom (even studio apartments has kitchen areas and a bathroom) then the bigger their sizes then better we can enjoy them. Kitchens can be kitchenette size (studio apartments) to those grand spaces containing breakfast bars, wine displays and islands. Bathrooms likewise can be compact shower rooms to wider open spaces with freestanding baths and stunning views.

Most will say the kitchen is the most important room of the house and holds greater persuasion when it comes to selling your property. The size of it, the location, the style and more will go greatly towards someone falling in love with your property. Imagining yourself spending relaxing afternoons with complex recipes with a chilled bottle of white wine to yourself with subtle relaxing music can be the decisive thought to ignite an offer and purchase!

Most of us will of course be tea / coffee making and fridge visiting during the day with work day evenings purely for those microwave dinners or cutlery finding for the take away. Nonetheless, a kitchen area gets plenty of attention daily and especially more so if it is a pathway to the back garden.

Now a bathroom serves quite a different purpose altogether and usually located on the floor above for those of us in houses. Bathrooms can be simply wet rooms, en-suites, twin and more. We of course can have separate toilets to a bathroom (or some homes have multiples of each) or the toilet is within the bathroom - Our needs requires the usage of the toilet and in addition also to wash ourselves from a splash of water to the face to a shower or bath, any medical needs, brushing teeth, hair, makeup etc. Our visits to the bathroom could be in line with the times we visit the kitchen, ie one tea equals one wee!

Sometimes we prefer to be quick in the bathroom, an in and out visit though others prefer to take their time hence magazine racks being a typical addition by the toilet! Wash time can be a long, refreshing shower or a relaxing soak in the bath which can be from minutes to an hour or more (especially in the bath).

A bathroom needs to look inviting and even if it is a small space, contain a character that welcomes time spent in it. We might even take our tea (or wine) in the bathroom as we soak in the bath. Set the scene so people can imagine themselves enjoying the bathroom - Plants, radio, books, inviting bottles of bathing liquids, nice artwork and more can really attract people to your bathroom / property.

Title image: Pixabay

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