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The Value of a Blue Tick Verification in Real Estate

As social media plays more and more of an important part in our lives, both social and in business, who you are seen as being holds a value.

Nearly all famous persons and businesses will hold social media accounts (though many platforms do their best to silence those that do not fit their narrative) with Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube being the more famous and well used channels.

Each of these social media channels will also have a system of verification with the point being that it confirms who the person is owning the account / page. Especially useful for celebrities and others in the media spotlight as many will be trolled by fake accounts impersonating.

Blue tick verification (originating from Twitter) is now commonly referred to as social media verification and in most cases allows for the person in question to apply for the status (sometime with proof being required). Being it Gettr or Twitter, your verification will entice more followers and highlight trust which is especially important if you are using social media regularly.

In the real estate sector there are many accounts and pages that have a blue tick verification though in the whole, most people and companies will be without one. Having a blue tick will entice more followers and increase likelihood of being found with usually the social media platforms highlighting a verified page / account over those without. For example, the page on Facebook that is verified has over 670,000 likes!

For those who use social media to promote themselves in the property industry then having a verified account will be you leagues ahead of your competition and certainly increase your engagement and leads - It will also enable you to network with other verified accounts as it's usually a top tier hierarchy, 'you follow me and I'll follow you back' process.

How a social media verification can help you in Real Estate:

  • Builds trust

  • Builds value of the content you share

  • Increases chances of being found

  • Allows you to network with fellow verified accounts

  • Prohibits official impersonation of you / your business

  • Increases the sell on value of a social media account / page

  • Boosts your self confidence

Verified real estate professionals on Twitter include:

  • Kirstie Allsopp - Property Show TV Presenter - Twitter - @KirstieMAllsopp

  • Phil Spencer - Property Show TV Presenter - Twitter - @PhilSpencerTV

  • Sarah Beeny - Property Show TV Presenter & Entrepreneur - Twitter - @sarahbeeny

  • Henry Pryor - Buying Agent & Pundit - Twitter - @HenryPryor

  • Melissa York - Assistant Property Editor 'The Times' - Twitter - @melyork

  • Christopher Walkey - Founder 'Estate Agent Networking' - Twitter - @ChrisWalkey

  • Anne Ashworth - Property and Finance Writer - Twitter - @AnneAshworth

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