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The World's Most Amazing Markets

There is always something special when visiting the local market be it the atmosphere or the colours, the wide range of goods and the prices - Sometimes it pays to shop around the local markets.

I have attended many open air markets and those indoors, mostly food shopping, to include some of the largest in Europe. What gets me every time is the vast selection of fresh foods from vegetables to fish, the colours on show and the quality of the produce - I would prefer to shop in the fresh open air markets than any chain supermarket store!

A well known and frequented market can be an attraction for real estate buyers. Across Europe there are small to big markets for the local community, mostly food, which having a property close by can help to increase it's value. Some people love to live amongst the market atmosphere and purchase apartments that overlook the areas they are set usually the market square / village car park / outside the mayors office etc.

Let's explore some of the most well know and largest markets that you can visit - You can also explore real estate opportunities locally if the love of your life is market shopping!

Riga Market - Latvia

  • Riga's Central Market, Latvia: One of Europe's biggest markets (indoor) with the most amazing food selection especially spices and fish. Many of the top chefs in Riga visit in order to personally select the foods for their cuisine.

  • Camden Market, London, UK: One of the most diverse markets with everything from Asian cuisine to movie memorabilia. Having worked in this market at the weekends for several months I was able to fully appreciate the wonderful atmosphere and diverse themes from the most amazing clothing to wonderful fresh foods. An international community of stand owners, it is well worth a visit if you have time to explore London.

  • Chatuchak, Thailand: With 9,000 and 15,000 stalls and an impressive 200,000 visitors per day, the Chatuchak market contains everything you can dream for to include antiques and handicrafts.

  • Pike Place Market, USA: Pike Place Market is the oldest continuously operating market in the nation. It was established in 1907 to give local farmers a place to sell their fruit and vegetables and bypass the middleman. Further reading via LonelyPlanet

  • Grand Bazaar, Turkey: Over 400,000 daily visitors to what some say if the world's biggest covered market - all under ornate, grandiose passageways spread across 60+odd streets.

  • Khan Al-Khalili Market, Cairo, Egypt: Also known to many as 'the Khan', its history goes all the way back to the 14th century when then it was the hub for trading gold, copper, spices and more valuable commodities of the time. Located in the heart of Cairo.

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