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The World's most expensive Streets / Roads

In today's world it is no longer who lives on millionaires row, it is more towards who lives on billionaire row - Let's face it, any trillionaires probably live on their own islands!

With the value of everything going up and the price of property spiking also, being just a million is not that uncommon these days. There is said to be well over 50 million millionaires in the world and 2,755 billionaires - These figures are going up and up especially billionaires during the global covid19 era and pharmaceutical share holder gains.

With money comes choice and with that also comes the desire to to live in the best places so in turn these prime real estate spots become ever more popular and expensive!

So where exactly are some of these expensive locations?

  • Tite Street, London - Average property price £28,900,000

  • 57th Street, New York - Average property price $38,500,000

  • Mount Nicholson Road, Hong Kong - Average property price $81,800,000

  • Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu - Average property price $25,000,000

  • West Cordova Street, Vancouver - Average of $37,675 per square metre

  • Avenue Montaigne, Paris - Average of $31,215 per square metre

  • Via Suvretta, St. Moritz, Switzerland - Average Ski Chalet price $20,000,000

  • Wolseley Road, Sydney - Average property price $25,000,000+

  • Paterson Hill, Tanglin, Singapore - Premium condo price $95,000,000

  • Ostozhenka Street, Moscow - Prices up to $88,000,000

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