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Top Tips for Staging your Entrance Hallway

Most likely the first foot steps in to your property and the first impression will be delivered by your entrance hall / hallway. Sometimes this is nothing more than a matt on the floor to wipe your feet as you enter straight in to the lounge (most likely for two down / two up property and studio apartments) other times it is a large space dedicated to welcoming new guests to your home.

If you are after the wow impression on your property then it is vital that the hallway forms part of your consideration especially when home staging. Not always recognised as a room itself, it is nonetheless an important space that at the very least need to set the standard for the rest of the property.

Sometimes the hallway can get clogged up with shoes, jackets, umbrellas, bags, parcels, post and much more - Especially when selling your property try and remove all items that are not at least everyday usage - How many pairs of shoes have you at the door, are they all needed, how many umbrellas are there?

Is the hallway bright and fresh? Think about re-decorating especially upgrading darker wall colourings to lighter. Think about a clean floor, does the carpet need a professional wash or replacing? Think freshness also in smell, sometimes the hallway contains items that give off unwanted smells from damp jackets and dog leads to shoes and socks! Get rid of negative smelly items and replace with air fresheners.

Add space by removing bulky items and instead use the wall space, for example swap chest of drawers for wall shelves. Use mirrors especially a large main mirror which will help to brighten and give the space depth.

Make the hallway inviting. Think about add a bench, plants or an eye catching and conversation starting item from art work to retro items.

Title image: Pixabay

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