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Top Trendy Places in London to buy Property

What, where, when, why and we will just miss out on who in this article for our look at the best trendy places to purchase a property in London.

London does vary incredibly in prices from the central hotspots to the outskirts. Most will see London being what is covered by the London Underground, others by what is contained within the M25 motorway, for this article I will stick to what is known as 'Greater London'.

"In Greater London, there are 32 local authority districts, (known as boroughs) which were all officially created on 1 April 1965." The 32 Boroughs and the City of London

Now we have our areas to look at we will surely be very spoilt when it comes to trendiness, these famous London regions hold many with such varied delights to explore. Many are world famous and yet there are countless that are known to just a few and mostly enjoyed by the local community and rarely have outside visitors / tourists.

Here are some trendy locations for property searches:

Gauging Square (St Katharine's & Wapping): Well known for the marina and the approximtely to the Thames and the City, Wapping is a popular location for people to purchase property and especially those working East side of the City. There are many well known bars and restaurants in the area with some very well positioned pubs with views over the Thames River.

The little known and newly developed Gauging Square with many attractive apartments is a special location with a close by Waitrose and Champagne Bar serving the locals with a communal central space for people to relax with fountains and further water features.

Bromley. This region has a wealth of new developments and also older character properties giving it both a youthful feel yet traditional With many train line links to the centre of the city and outwards, property in this region are a good long term investment.

Ilford. This town of East London is quite famous and offers a big appeal to many that work in London. With a central park location (Valentines Park) and many larger style property, the location is ideal for families or those looking for that little bit of extra space. The Elizabeth Line which is due in the next couple of years will enable commuters to get to Tottenham Court Road station in a little over 20 minutes!

Victoria Park (Hackney). As people start to think about their living standards and greener space (especially following Covid-19) then Victoria Park and it's immediate surrounding areas will offer many a chance to live and breathe. Though only a short train ride or taxi journey to central London, it can feel quite free and spacious with many new builds offering quality apartments with many local boutique food outlets / cafes / bars and of course a canal to enjoy.

Richmond. Just far away enough from the busy London lifestyle, Richmond is quite a leafy style living area with a calming atmosphere for those working hard in the City looking to de-stress of the evening / weekends.

Once again, easy access to the City via the District Line.

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