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Visit Lamma Island

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

A tiny island of just 13.55 km² that lies off the coast of Honk Kong along with a scattering of many other smaller islands, Lamma is a popular location for Western and international residents with many being British following appealing to engineers working on the island's plant.

A peaceful and somewhat laid back character island and only 20 minutes or so from the hustle and bustle and skyscrapers from Hong Kong. Lamma Island boasts a growing population of approximately 6,000 who enjoy a wonderful setting with beaches, fishing ports and a collection of craft outlets and restaurants - You will not see Lamma Island taken over by many commercial outlets, ie there is no McDonald's to tarnish the landscape.

Though remote it is only a regular 25-minute ferry ride away that connects Yung Shue Wan from Central Ferry Pier 4 every day of the week. If you want to reach Lamma Island from the UK then there are many options for flights to Hong Kong of which some are direct - Though there is no direct link from Lamma Island to the airport of Hong Kong, you can simply go by ferry (25 minutes) over to Hong Kong and from there walk to the subway in order to get to the international airport.

People enjoy holidays on Lamma Island especially for the beaches, swimming and the hikes. There are many places to eat and stay and there is a friendly atmosphere in most locations with residents always happy to help - There is a dedicated Facebook group for Lamma Island.

Title photo credit: Pixabay.

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