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What Colour is Best for the Front Door?

One of the first things people see when visiting your property is the front door. Ok, sometimes this is not immediately in view, maybe it is down the end of the garden path or to the side of the property, maybe your front door is in an apartment complex or hidden behind entry gates, bit at sometime you will be come up to the main door to enter your property.

For those houses with smaller front gardens and especially those facing directly on to the public walkway then the front door can really set you property out from others. How many times have you noticed a loud colour on a property be it the masonry paint or the front door? Such things can have both a negative or a positive effected, making your property attractive or quite the opposite.

Lots of homes with have a PVC door so the choose of colour is quite limited with most being white. Many doors though will be solid wooden construction and this opens up a whole library of colours you can choose from.

Firstly you can go for stained / varnished (natural) so to keep the wooden character effect or opt for a darker shade to change the look. Thereafter it is all about colours from the black and white options to any colour your heart desires from satin to gloss finish.

Most common colours for front doors:

  • Natural (varnished / treated wood).

  • UPVC.

  • Black.

  • White.

  • Shades of Grey.

  • Classic Green.

  • Navy Blue.

  • Deep Red.

When all your neighbours have gone for the obvious options or if they were from a same development / builder then you can look to stand out by changing your front door (especially from UPVC to Wood). An investment of changing your front door / changing the colour can dramatically change the appearance (and desirability) of your property.

It does not have to cost you a lot of money to change the colour of your front door. If you are going from UPVC to wood then it is likely your door frame will be of standard size so easy to swap over to wood. If you have an existing wood door then it is a day of sanding down (any repair work / wood filler / removal of locks / letter boxes / numbers) and an undercoat. Day two will be painting the first top coat. Day three will be painting the final coat. There after you have a brand new, welcoming front door.

Go bold! Sometimes it pays to choose a different colour from all your neighbours and do not be afraid to experiment with something new. Brighter colours are best unless you are after the understated look of shades of grey.

To compliment your front door colour you could opt for similar colour shades for curtains, garden gates, wall lamps, outside flower pots and even flowers / plants.

Title image: Pixabay

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