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What is special about South Facing Gardens?

So obviously a south facing garden is where your back garden (or main garden area) is south facing or there about. It does not need to be exactly pointing in the direction of south, but it will be certainly within south south east to south south west.

The reason behind the phrase 'south facing garden' is due to its desirability in that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west taking a southerly route (higher up in the sky during summer and low down in the winter).

The added sunshine will benefit you with:

  • Easier growth of plants / lawn.

  • Warmer garden to enjoy gardening, relaxing, dining and to include sunbathing opportunities (you can choose between sun and shade)

  • Patio / paving / decking areas are less likely to suffer from damage via moss / algae.

  • Drying of clothing is much quicker.

It is said that a south facing garden will also add value to your property as it is more desirable over north facing. It is also said that south facing gardens sell quicker than north facing.

Title image: Pixabay

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