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What to ask your Estate Agent when viewing property:

For many of us we will involve ourselves in main property viewing before we find ourselves that next 'home'. Of course we view to get a feel for the property in question, is it as good as it looks in the photos, how big are the rooms and can we picture ourselves in it should we make an offer and get the keys. Though, outside of visual tasks, should we put adding some verbal too?

Sometimes you may view alone with the hone owners, other times with them and the estate agent and others times simply with the estate agent. It may be easier to ask questions the during or after, but make sure you consider the following questions to ask you estate agent:

How long as the property been on the market (either with you or with a prior agency(ies)?

Why are the sellers selling?

How long have the current owners lived there?

Do you know if the immediate neighbours are the owners or tenants?

Has the property had many owners (sounds like we are buying a car here!).

Have there been any local planning permissions submitted?

Is the property, or any part of, listed?

How much is the Council Tax?

What is the Energy Performance Certificate rating?

Have there any major works carried out on the property?

Which fixtures and fittings are remaining? Maybe you can negotiate in to the same extra items ie furniture and garden stone ware.

Have any offers been submitted?

Are the owners keen for a quick purchase?

Is there a chain involved?

Is there broadband, fibre optics locally for Internet / TV connections.

Title image: Pixabay

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