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Worst Things to Live Next door to:

When thinking about buying there are many key points to look out for be it for positive reasons or negative. Sometimes what we should be looking for is obvious, other times not so and maybe a specialist service is required in order for us to spot negatives.

It is hard to find a property that is in the ideal location without a blemish on its character, there will always be something though how this effects will largely depend on the person(s) buying. For instance, living near to a school is great for some, other times a complete turn off for others.

So let us look at some things we should be aware of before buying that may be a negative:

  • Schools (to include colleges / universities): If you are living next door to or just a few doors always you need to consider if a school near by is a good thing or not. For investment property a place near to a college is good, but what about living right next door to a school? Negatives include noise (breaks and lunch times), pick up / drop off traffic and parking issues.

  • Farms especially pig and chicken: The most important thing here will be smell and potential noise. Make sure that if you are buying in the winter that you consider that warmer months the smell will rise as will the noise.

  • Convenience store / restaurants / takeaways / pubs: The obvious here is the added traffic / quick and erratic parking as well as additional noise (especially evening time). Pubs can have gardens and when people drink and be merry then added noise can be heard!

  • Vacant plots: For now your immediate neighbour might be a vacant plot giving you added privacy, but you must remember that any land has potential for development even if it is green belt for now. What was once a field / parking area / run down commercial building could soon be a small housing development.

  • T-Junction: If you live on the T-junction then car headlights at night will always be an issue as will any added concerns re cars hitting the front wall / garden wall.

  • Firehouse / police station / hospital: Though mostly sirens will be a daytime problem (most emergency vehicle on call will only use the siren upon busy traffic), there will be added noise and lights plus importantly activity potential 24 / 7

  • Main roads: It is surprising that many people who live on busy roads tend to be oblivious to the noise of traffic, though for some it can be a growing issue and certainly an added negative when it comes to selling especially if road traffic has increased over the years.

  • Street lights: The old yellow street lamps can be quite a problem for some especially if located outside a property, until (usually) 1am they will remain bright causing some sleep problems.

Title image: Pixabay

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